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The Secret Place

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Shopping with others around you is not special

But you are special and you deserve to shop as you please. No distractions, only you and your friends in a hidden place of the store, with exclusive products.


How it works?

Choose a time you want to come on the link

Let us know if you have a special request for drink

When you come, show your reservation

Get access to the secret place to discover special products & offers


Disruption-free shopping

It’s like the movies. You have the whole place for you and your friends. You try what you like and take cool photos for your Instagram & Tik Tok.

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Discover exclusive offers

All the products of the Secret Place are not available on the rest of the store. You can find it only here, but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.

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Book a time to try the private shopping experience

It doesn’t only happen in the movies. You can have it here in Nicosia as well.

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